Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to ensure you have a website that is performing well and secure:

  1. Do you have off site backups in place?
  2. Are your plugins, themes and WordPress core updated?
  3. Do you have an SSL in place?
  4. Are you adding content and keeping up with SEO?

Your website is an amazing tool to get you more business, make sure it is safe and secure. 

Here is some more information so you understand why these are important:

  1. Why are website backups important?  Website hosting isn’t always 100% reliable.  Having a backup off site your hosting is important in case something happens to the files on your website server.  You worked hard to get your website to where it is and recreating it can cost a lot of time and money. Having a backup ensures that if anything happens to your site (virus, lost files, hacker) you can press a button to get it back up and running.
  2. Are your plugins, themes and WordPress core up to date?  WordPress runs about 30% of all the websites out there. This is great because it means there are tons of developers creating new and exciting things for WordPress.  It also means that if someone finds a vulnerability in a plugin, it could affect millions of websites. Keeping your plugins/themes and core up to date keeps your website safe and secure.
  3. An SSL protects a hacker from getting your forms and other online submission.  It also helps with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is free for most hosting companies and installs with just a click.
  4. Keeping your website top of the search engines is a continually task.  Needing to continually add content is important to Google and search engines.  Are you adding new blog posts or YouTube videos? It doesn’t have to be a lot but even adding a monthly blog post that you also use for an email newsletter is great for SEO.  

I would love to help you get a health check done on your website to make sure it is running it’s best.  Contact me today to get a conversation started.